Newborn care. Items for bathing children

NewbornA third - a means for bath babies. Absolutely may not apply anti-bacterial agents - It is possible to disturb the organic microflora of the face and stimulate the development of serious diseases. According to dermatologists, and traditional strongly soap, which has a reputation for helf cleanser, a more negative capacity on a sensitive skin of a newborn.Why is this happening? On female skin has a protective film, which is often referred to however hydrolipidic mantle. That it does not allow a sun, wind, h2o and other aggressive external factors enjoy a negative capacity on a face. In babies, this protective film is more thin. Organic acidity level (pH) child skin, wherein a protective film is normally performs its function, is 5.5, while very gentle and moistened solid soap effective component is in a range with 7 to 10.Alkaline substances contained in a usual soap, neutralize or destroy the natural pH level of a facial skin, in other words, "washing" a film that creates a barrier bacteria. Читать полностью -->

Upkeep of a baby. 1st porridge

NewbornThe 1-st cereal to be of big, non-specific protein gluten (rice, buckwheat, and later corn and millet). Complementary foods want start with monokash, ie Porridge must be prepared with alone one baby of grain, and in the case may not pick up a mix of cereals. A first cereal to be saccharose and salt, and dilute it with water, natural milk (if the crumb is breastfed) or a ordinary newborn milk mixing (if a child - bottle-). Kids who are on mix feeding, porridge is also recommended to raise warm milk.In the 1st two or three minutes is enough to give crumbs literally one teaspoon of milk, which is a little cereal mixture. If this item does not cause an averse reaction, you can safely increase the quantity of servings for every lure twice during the 7 days leading up to 100 grams gruel.If porridge - a 1-st product of complementary foods, one child of cereal want be given for 10-14 days, then do a like thing with a second view, so the third, etc. If a porridge until you've tried raw vegetables, fruit or meat, in the absence of an allergy of the a 7 days you can be mixed with a proven porridge. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. Problems potential with lactation

NewbornEvery girl 18 years old expecting a newborn, Think about about as and what she will feed her newborn. Worldwide, doctors recommend breast-feeding, but breastfeeding requires certain conditions:Mum need be able to reside with a baby to feed him on demand;Should be fully fed;It would be nice to have a helper around a home, because pumping a remaining milk may go away a lot of time and effort;Because of Home Affairs is virtually impossible rest, which is much indispensable to nursing moms;Finally, so in a other case, you request to desire.In words, it seems not all that hard - the pregnant young girl who wants to breastfeed, and a little reading literature on a subject, believes that she may do it. So, the number of nursing mothers has not significantly increased, and a number of selling synthetic mixtures is not appreciably reduced. Typically, a meal now or pay the "milk", or the most stubborn mother.Lucky one who coped with a problems easily and quickly - is key to successful breastfeeding in the months ahead. And anyone did not enjoy the strength to overcome a most heavily, was not given to expert council. Time lost, and later a struggle with bodily pain and guilt earlier a child is taken for a mother bottle. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. 7 weeks

BabyWhat can a baby?Understands the meaning of many words;Emotionally very attached to his mom clings to it;Begins to feel fear when parting with my mom;Knows how to put little subjects into great;Strongly in support, crosses in support;Learns to sit independently;Learning to crawl;Rolls from stomach to back and back;Maybe there is a spoon and drink with a cup;Memorizes the steps to maintain cleanliness and "same" them on my mum;Playing in the "Ladushki" and similar gestural game.Baby is able to move independently, which is pushing a boundaries of his world. Scarce may crawl to the subject interested him, felt him, strive to consider. For optimal development of a baby is required to provide freedom of movement, choose a put in a room where the child will be nothing to disturb or threaten.For this age is characterized by increased invasiveness, however arranging a kids's play space, ensure that actions in a crumbs were not sharp, prickly, little objects. In this corner of a baby will be happy to play, "equip" it pyramids, cubes (games with them pay more efforts, and teach my baby to disassemble and assemble the pyramid, to build towers out of blocks), and a variety of other toys.A baby is new knowledge about the size of the objects he masters the movement of subjects, the pulling or pushing away. May hold in your mitt a nested object, put it from the position. The task of the adult - to activate these movements with a help of in-ear playthings: dolls, boxes, bowls, etc.There is a exceptional relationship to a toy, clearly stand out beloved toys and activities. Читать полностью -->

16. Dad need be able to pick up upkeep of a baby

BabyHe need do that how correctly, similar my mother. Today, more and more men are involved in the leaving of kids. But while fathers frequently feel invited assistants rather than full participants. Moms are not ever willing to share with them the rightly to do decisions however a child to feed, clothe, put them to bed.The criterion of "rightly" paternity may yet be considered a man's ability to set up special, soft, distinct with women's relationships with their children. It's great when daddy is changing diapers and feeding baby with a spoonful. But if science and look after him remained a mystery, that is no reason to consider it "wrong".   Care of a baby. Читать полностью -->

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